Thursday, July 10, 2008

Deming Log Show - 2008

Our family had a great time this year at the Deming Log Show. It is the first year of competition for the Larson family and I imagine it won't be the last. Dan competed with our friend Cody in the double bucking competition. This is where an old time saw (aka "Misery Whip") is used to saw through a log with one guy pulling on each side. For their first year, they did pretty well. Dan and I also competed in double bucking - only it was called Ma and Pa bucking for us. The first day we made our cut in 17 seconds and on Sunday we improved to 13.8 seconds! We were only about .6 seconds behind the 3rd place finisher, so we were pretty proud for the first year. Ethan was so excited for log show this year because it meant, most importantly, that he got a new pair of suspenders. He had been looking forward to that since just after Christmas. This first picture is of him watching a log processor in action. This machine picks up whole logs and runs them through a 'processing hand' and cuts them on specific lengths. Ethan could barely take his eyes off the machine! Later in the evening, we were all sitting around the fire after dinner and Ethan picked up the recent edition of Logger Showcase magazine. He grabbed his Doritos, started munching and flipping through it. He was in his element and he can't wait for next year!