Thursday, June 01, 2006

The luau

As you all know (I think you do anyway...) we had a surprise luau for Mom's 50th birthday. What a great time! Jaisha, Jana, Becki, and I made almost 200 shish-kabobs and 6 kinds of Jello shooters on Friday night to prepare for the big day.

On Saturday, people started arriving after 1:00. We pa
rked in the field at our house - lucky for us, Mom is oblivious to these types of activities. She didn't even think the cars in the field were weird! We were all waiting patiently in the shop for Mom to arrive around 3:00 or so. Well, after waiting for 15 minutes, Jana called her and found out she was still at home! Yikes! Needless to say, the party continued anyway and we prepared for the surprise later.

So, when
Mom finally arrived (an hour late) we partied! I got her a grass skirt and fun print t-shirt and flip-flops so she could be "Hawaiian". We grilled our shish-kabobs and ate a TON of food. What a great time - there were family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Even though it rained, we all ha
d a great time. Hopefully the pictures come through (we only have 70 of them!).

I hope you all enjoy!

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Stephanie Larson said...

Hey, looks like your Mom's party was a blast!! Just like Bellingham, everything in the rain!!:o) Tell everyone we miss them!!