Friday, December 22, 2006

A new adventure

Ice skating! That's right - we went ice skating. Premier had a family friendly ice skating party on 12/21 so Jaisha, Jamie, Ethan and I all went. They had skates Ethan's size so we suited up and away we went. Well, not quite that easily... We got the skates on and Ethan was able to walk pretty well on the spongy surface. So, with trepidation and anticipation, we shuffled over to the ice. Jaisha had Ethan's right hand and I had his left and onto the ice we went. Well, Ethan thought it would be great to slide his feet back and forth over the ice while Jaisha and I held him up. He scooted and wiggled all around giggling all the way. After about 30 feet of laughing and trying to keep our balance as well as his, Jaisha and I turned back. Again, giggling all the way, we made our way back to the entrance of the rink. At that point, we grabbed a cookie (with M&M's - of course!) and some hot chocolate and decided to sit for a break. Ethan sat causually swinging his feet, eating his cookie, and repeating "Fun, Mama. Fun!". Overall, it was a fun experience and nobody got hurt or even fell (including me!). Looks like we'll have to go again!

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Grandma Berta said...

What a fun time, Jaimie. I love the picture of you, Jaisha and
Ethan. He IS having fun!