Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ethan the Construction Man

Ethan recently spent some time with Uncle Mike. He and Uncle Mike wrote a poem after a long day's work on the deck outside. I have included some recent pictures of Ethan helping around the house to accompany the poem.

"Ethan the Construction Man"
by Ethan and Uncle Mike
There he stood before me,
A rough & tumble little man.
Ready for his workin' day,
Plastic toolbox in his hand.

His look said he was ready,
For there was lots to do.
But I said "First things first, young man",
We'd better tie your shoe.

He hammered and he sawed all morn,
And never did he slack.
So I said "What do you want for lunch?",
He answered with "Big Mac!"

And when the work was done at last,
He climbed up on my lap.
He said "We had some fun today",
And dozed off for a nap.

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Kelly F. said...

Love the poem - very cute!