Monday, August 18, 2008

Independence Day

I know - it's been more than a month, but at least these made it. Over the 4th of July weekend, we were very busy. Ethan got to visit both great grandma's, we went camping, and enjoyed some karaoke. First off, on the 4th, I had to work. So in the morning, I dropped Ethan off with Great grandma and Papa. He got to spend some quality time with the Steiner gang, playing with Tommy and having a great time with his new found love of Poppits. Later in the afternoon, Ethan began playing with Jamie and his pack of "Sparkles" - he burned through 8 packs that afternoon! That evening, we enjoyed fireworks where we were camping at the Log Show Grounds. There were several people there and many great fireworks.

The next morning, we made our way to Nana and Papa's house where Great grandma and Gator came to visit. We spent a couple hours visiting and enjoying their company. We made our way back to the Log Show Grounds for naps while Dan played a competitive game of "Washers". I can fill you in if you don't know how to play. Anyways, later that night, the Rudig's brought out their Karaoke machine. At first, I wasn't really in the mood, but before you know it, I was signing like crazy (I know, shocking...). Becki, Jaisha, and I sang our hearts out until 1:45 AM! Overall, we had a great weekend and look forward to camping out again next year.

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Stephanie Larson said...

Oh man just thinking of you and the 4th of July brings back memories of that one year.... you know the one... the one where we all nearly blew up with our truck!!! I just remember staring at the orange glow of the back window and then being in Randy's arms 10,000 ft away! haha I remember when we got back to our house standing in the kitchen and us kids saying holy cow we are going to remember this forever!!!!!!!! hahahahaha ahhh the good old days!