Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin patch time again!

Once again, we made it out to Stoney Ridge Farms in Everson. It's become a yearly event, this year being the third annual. Our group grew this year to include Mom, Julie, and Nick (Julie's boyfriend).

As usual, we started out with checking out the animals. I think Ethan's favorite this year was the donkey. Nick put his quarter in the food machine and gave Ethan some grain. Ethan held the grain in his hand and the donkey ate right out of his palm! He was giggling and pretty excited about the whole thing.

We also made sure to stop by the Black Angus cow in the barn. When Ethan asked what he made (meaning "is this a milk cow?"), I told him it was a beef cow. His response was "So, it makes beef?" - I guess that's one way to look at it!

Alex and Matt took a ride on the train while we waited for the hay wagon. Ethan was less than interested in the train ride, so we watched for tractors instead. Shocking son wanting to watch for tractors!

We made it down to the pumpkin patch and went through the corn maze. Jaisha and Jana cheated and cut through the back of the maze to the pumpkin and gourd patch. We hunted for our perfect pumpkins and had to get two wheelbarrows to carry them all! Mom got some great looking gourds for a basket at work. We made our way back up to the checkout where we found out my "baby got back" pumpkin weighed 41.6 pounds!

We finally carved our pumpkins tonight (Sunday). Ethan carved the small green one all on his own! Quite a step up from last year when he wanted nothing to do with it! Jaisha drew a face on the larger pumpkin and he carved about 1/2 of it before losing interest. My "baby got back" pumpkin got a "Lula" look. Basically, big full lips, sassy eyes, curly hair tendrils, and a nose ring. She'll be getting a pair of jeans tomorrow to cover her ample back end.

I do believe it was another successful year at the pumpkin patch!


Jaisha said...

Very Nice!! I have a picture of you trying to haul your baby-back across the patch- you can tell it's a monster!!

The Millers said...

Looks like you all had a good time. I hope to find a pumpkin patch out here in NY when my son is old enough to appreciate the novelty of it. :) Thanks for sharing your adventures. It's nice to be in touch again.