Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Pond...

Saturday was an eventful day! Jana had to work so I picked up Alex and took him back to our house. Ethan and Alex were playing outside (with Dan as you can see on the 4-wheeler) happily. Ethan was showing Alex his new favorite activity of throwing rocks in the pond. Well, as you can imagine, Alex was excited to try this new activity. He was so excited that, with one hard throw, he wobbled and landed in the pond! He was soaked from the armpits down! He was fine, but that prompted us to proceed with taking out the pond.
Our general rule of thumb was when a kid falls in, the pond goes. Dan proceeded to set up the pump and started the draining process. In the mean time, I gave the boys lunch and sent them down for naps. Well, this is where Jaisha enters the picture. She and I decide that we need to get the fish out of the pond before all the water goes out. We started trying to get the fish from the edge of the pond, but to no avail. Dan and Steve (the mighty husbands...) come to the rescue with their rubber barn boots. Jaisha grabs the fish net (mind you, it's meant for an indoor, small aquarium) and I grab a strainer and away we go! J was also smart enough to grab the solo pair of kitchen gloves to rescue miscellaneous plastic plants (we figured the algae was organic, but hey, why risk it?). We proceeded to "fish" for an hour, with Jaisha catching 4 gold fish and me finding a solo gecko...I mean chameleon...oops...it's actually a salamander! So, needless to say, we are now pond-less, but lucky us, we now have a giant hole that needs to be filled. I am sure one day, there will be a nice deck in its spot for us to sit on and reminisce about this day.

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