Monday, May 01, 2006

Old house warming

The Larson family had a fun experience this weekend. We attended a house warming party for the new owners of our old house! It was really fun to go back and see the changes that Chelsey and Cody have made. Chels has painted the inside and it looks great! They also have done a great job arranging the furniture in the living room - too bad Dan and I never tried it! Cody did a round of toasts thanking and acknowledging the people who made home-ownership possible. It was great to have such a good group of people there to have the moment with him. We had a fun time even in the rain, but we didn't partake in the full rain gear horseshoe game that was going on in the downpour - we're not that dedicated! There is a picture here taken in our old backyard - I think it's the first good family picture we've had. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I like the picture, Jaimie, but I love the people in it.

Grandma said...

You are amazing. How did you figure this out? The picture is really good. Do you have prints, or can you send it to me? I agree with Moms comment.