Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fireplace Remodel

The Larson Family has been hard at work, remodeling our house. Ethan is very busy "working" on everything he can get his hands on. Basically, hammering everything in sight! Our latest adventure started when we realized we needed to redo the chimney. The siding on the house is in progress, but the chimney was not flush with the side of the house. Dan started taking the chimney down and before you know it, we are pushing the built-in fireplace and brick mantle out the side of the house. For a week or so we had a hole in the side of the house. Luckily, Bear came by last weekend and helped to frame in the hole - making it much warmer in the house. This weekend, Bear and his buddy Chris came over and built me a platform. We are going to add a free standing wood stove and needed a safe and stable place to put it. With the platform done, Jaisha and I set about laying the Hardibacker and slate tile. Yes, as you see, we did it all on our own. The grout will be laid this week and we should be able to install the wood stove. The tile looks great, but let me tell you - it's no easy! We laid 20 tiles and it took us about 4 hours total (including installing Hardibacker and mixing two sets of morter). We still have to determine what to do with the wall and side of the platform. We'll probably go with some more stone, but it still remains to be determined. I can't wait to see the finished product!

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Anonymous said...

I miss you guys!! Hope your fireplace turned out good!! Tell Bear I said Hi and that we miss you all! Ethan is so flippin' cute!!
love Stephanie