Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin patch - 2007

Well, it's that time of year again - Pumpkin patch time! I don't know how Ethan knows, but he started asking about the pumpkin patch in late September. I told him we had to wait until the pumpkins were big and orange before we could go - knowing it wouldn't be until October 2oth that we could finally make it. The day finally came and Ethan was so excited. He had on his orange Jack-o-lantern shirt from Great Grandma and was rearing to go. We went and picked up Jamie and Jaisha and were on our way to meet up with Alex, Matthew, Jana , and Aaron. We started out with the animals. Ethan used his hard earned quarters (Thanks, Grandma Berta!) to buy grain for the birds. Once we made it through the animals the tractor and trailer came to pick us up to go down to the patch. I think Ethan was going to burst he was so excited to ride on the trailer! We went down to the patch and picked apples, gourds, and ghost pumpkins. We then picked out one pumpkin each - Ethan picked a 30 pounder! Not to be shown up, Jamie picked a 33 pounder. Jaisha also got a large one, but I think it was less than 30. Finally, Aaron took the kids through the muddy corn maze while we waited for the tractor to come and take us back up to the farm. Our day was completed with 5 hours (no joke) of pumpkin carving and seed roasting. There were 10 carved pumpkins when it was all said and done (Thanks Weezer for the extra pumpkins!) including funny faces, initials, and a haunted house. It was a good time had by all - we'll see if we can top it next year!

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